Monday, 5 March 2018

Snapper Rocks - What to wear

Hello gorgeous people,

Come with me to Snapper Rocks and I will show you one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast and what to wear. My beach look here is from ZAFUL This online store is one of my favourite online shops. Don't miss out on ZAFUL WOMEN'S DAY Check it out now for amazing offers.

Snapper Rocks is located on the Southern end of Rainbow Bay. The rocks and sand banks cause amazing waves and of course it is a popular spot for surfers. Make sure to wear a SWIMSWUIT, SUNGLASSES and I chose to go to the beach wearing this gorgeous pair of SHORTS as well. I find it easy to get in and out of beaches wearing more than just a bikini. That is just me, I feel more comfortable. Take this opportunity and check the WOMEN'S DAY SPECIAL

Snapper Rocks is not huge - only 300 m long, but it is really amazing. As you will see here the rocks are incredible and they just add so much to the visual impact of the beach. Get your cameras ready while here. This one is covered in barnacles. So impressive!

These mid waist lace up ripped DENIM SHORTS are not only gorgeous but so comfortable and stylish. Love the laces on each side. This Zaful SWIMWEAR is adorable. The details are so gorgeous. The petal halter makes it really special and the colours are perfect, one of my favourite colour combinations pink and grey. I added a special touch with my SUNGLASSES and my RING. 

I love how the rocks isolate certain areas and create some shallow pools of clear warmer water to rest and enjoy the sun. I have to stop here and say that  absolutely adore these shorts. 

Accessories are super important to add to any outfit. It makes it more beautiful and special. It helps with the look and I am so happy with my sunglasses. However, these sunglasses are sold out but no need to panic as Zaful has a gorgeous selection of sunglasses of all shapes and colours. Find full Zaful Sunglasses Collection HERE. I must talk about this stunning RING It is a faux crystal gem dragonfly oval ring in gold and pink. It complemented my outfit so beautifully. 


Have a wonderful week. I would love to know your thoughts on my beach look. 

xoxo Cris

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Sponsored post: ZAFUL
Photography: PhotosbyCris
Content Creator and model: Cris
Location: Snapper Rocks - Qld Australia

Monday, 26 February 2018

Binna Burra and Currumbin Rock Pools

Hello Beautiful People, 

Binna Burra and Currumbin Rock Pools are calling. Be ready to lose yourself in the green forests and dive deep in ponds where waterfalls drop and take your breath away. The Gold Coast Queensland Australia has the most fascinating places to visit. 

  From the sea to the mountains, you must visit and believe me you will not be bored. I love going to the mountains and resting on a tree is the most relaxing thing I have ever done. Love the smells of green leaves and natural paths. 

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Binna Burra is located in Lamington National Park. One of the many National Parks in the area. I love this place and exploring this area is wonderful, as the forests are great places to hike. 

From swinging on a vine to rest and appreciate the view of a lookout. One beautiful scenery to the other. Gold Coast is famous for the beaches, but don't forget to explore the national parks and the amazing swimming locations. 

Currumbin Rockpools is a place with trails to trek and also it has a beautiful waterfall where you can slide down and fall in a refreshing pool. 

Love this area, so much to see and do. Currumbin Valley is beautiful!  To get here you will have to drive through the valley where trees are magnificent. This place makes me feel like I am driving through a natural tunnel as the trees on both side of the road closes above the road and make the drive so magical. 

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Come #visitqueensland

Let me know what you prefer Beach or Mountain? 

Have a lovely week.

xoxo Cris

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Zaful in GreenMount

Hello! Welcome to Paradise! 

This week I am taking you to Greenmount Beach in Coolangatta Gold Coast - Australia. For this amazing location I chose to wear one of the most stunning outfits from Zaful.  This amazing beach took my breath away and if you missed my video please check my YouTube Channel to see behind the scenes photo shoot. 

I could not have chosen a more perfect outfit than this Two Piece Outfit from Zaful. The red colour complements the beauty of the location. The contrast of the natural colours of Greenmount Beach was a perfect match for my red outfit. 

A relaxing day out was complete with the natural sounds of waves crashing against the rocks and beautiful birds singing on tree branches. The smell of the sea penetrating my soul simply took me to a distant land where I found the peace of an isolated destination. 

Nothing like sitting and appreciating nature. The beach with magic sounds is the right place to search peace and inner strength. This Zaful outfit was so comfortable and so beautiful with cropped off the shoulder top and belt slit A-line skirt, I could have not asked for a more appropriate attire. Get this outfit HERE

Greenmount Beach offers ideal outdoors activities, such as swimming, surfing, water sports, or just a walk by the sea or a place under the sun to lie down and get that extra boost of vitamin D; this is the right location for your next getaway. 

I absolute loved feeling the wind against my skin. Nothing like the sense of freedom and power. No getting cold here, as the ankle length skirt and the long sleeve top really ideal for any type of weather. The light cotton material makes it perfect too as it is not too heavy and not too light. SHOP NOW

Watching the clouds float over this amazing beach was fascinating. They were like giant angels flying over Queensland forming a dreamy vision.

Nature is my element and there I felt I was home. I was comfortable in my own skin, in my own self and in my own me. Dressed to impress, Zaful gorgeous set was what I needed. 

The vibrant colour of all the natural beauty of this place made me feel I was part of an outdoor Art Work. 

Nothing like the feeling of freedom and enjoyment of a carefree moment as I walk by the ocean. 

A distant land yet so close to home. This is Gold Coast, a city not far from the Capital city of Queensland - Brisbane. Here you will never get bored. #visitqueensland

I hope you enjoyed my tour around Green Mount Beach. 

I hope to see you here one day. Come and Visit the #GoldCoast

Location: Green Mount Beach - Gold Coast Qld Australia
Photography: PhotosbyCris
Outfit: Zaful 
Content Creator: Cris/PhotosbyCris

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Growing Self Blogger Award

An award is always a happy surprise!

I have been nominated by my gorgeous super talented blogger and friend Dominique from Blog.

Dominique Nancy is a scientific journalist that has a different approach to fashion. Her vision on how we wear our clothes and how we apply fashion to our everyday routine is fascinating and she clearly has amazing tips on how we can minimize our impact on the world we live in being more conscious on how we use or reuse our garments.

The Growing Self Blogger Award celebrates and embraces the magic of supporting one another in the Blogging community. Created by Roda - who loves nature and life itself. Her blog has the most amazing images of nature and her beauty extends to her soul.

The Rules:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog;
  • List the rules;
  • Thank the individual that nominated you and provide a link to their blog;
  • Describe the award and mention the creator: Roda  –;
  • Nominate up to 5 blogs.  Remember, the purpose of this award is to specifically celebrate those individuals that have made a difference in your life or the lives of others;
  • Give at least 1 reason why you nominated each individual.
  • Notify your nominees of the award
The Nominees:

Denise from She has a beautiful heart and a blog that cover several types of articles. From travel to fashion, from positivity and encouragement and all things beautiful. I love her images too and her vision on the world and her approach to life. 

Krista from Her blog makes me feel like I am home. There she opens her home and welcome you into her world and life. I love reading her heartfelt articles. It is almost like you get into a story book. Her writing and images are so vivid and real that I could almost smell her amazing cooking, touch her fresh fruit and vegetables and I leave her blog feeling touched in many ways.

 Gabrielle from Her blog is stylish and so beautiful. It offers amazing photography and focus on fashion lifestyle and travel. Gabrielle is based on the UK and she showcases beautifully her country with a touch of luxury and comfort.

Radi from Her amazing Fashion Blog has a unique style and all you need to know about the latest in fashion. Radi is creative and fun. Her articles are always so captivating and inspiring. 

Darren from The Arty Plantsman is an amazing artist and blogger who love nature and all things natural. He also has a unique sense of humour and his articles are wonderful to read. 

I could nominate so many amazing bloggers as there are an endless number of super professional amazing writers out there that are doing a great job as bloggers, artists, photographers and writers. However, it would be an impossible task but to all the bloggers I nominate you all by heart and I will keep giving you my support always. 

Have a wonderful week. 

xoxo Cris

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Brand Ambassador Behind the Scenes

Happy Valentines Day!

Will you be my Valentine? 😍 I love you ❤ Today is Valentine's day and because today is a super special day I am posting a video about the Red Dress Behind the Scenes Photoshoot 💓Many of you asked me Who is behind and in front of the camera? 💕It is me 💗 To see full video with music visit my YOU TUBE channel 💟Please watch full video there give a thumbs up and subscribe if you loved it 😗 I am also going to take this opportunity to say NO to Domestic Violence and instead spread the love 💜💜💜Happy Valentine's Day to you 💜

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Brand Ambassador and Photographer PhotosbyCris Behind the Scene of a Fashion Photoshoot. Follow me on Instagram /twitter/facebook @photosbycris

Outfit Available in my blog:

I will take this opportunity to Say No to Domestic Violence. Say No to Physical Abuse to Emotional and Sexual Abuse. Unfortunately Domestic Violence happens behind doors and many times there are no witnesses. I want to see the Day victims will have a voice.

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